Our Mission

Our Mission

It’s the year 2018 and this is not a happy world. There is war, hunger, racism, and many other things that keep us, mankind, divided and further away from reaching a state of peace and equality for everyone. When you think about it, many artists from the past envisioned the future full of flying cars, beautiful huge self-sustainable buildings, cities and amazing inventions that could make our lives easier. Above all those things they dreamed about a future where there would be no war! No starving people anywhere. No inequalities between us. The future was envisioned as a world full of light and balance. And that’s the future we want.

On our first collection we went beyond designing and printing T-shirts filled only with lines and drawings. We want to go further than just making wearable art. We want each and every piece we design to express the emotions we feel towards culture, race, religion and politics.

We want to raise awareness about what’s wrong in the world today, not only by letting others know about current issues, but actually contributing to those causes as well. We are working with relief funds and charity organizations donating profits from specific collection sales towards these organizations. A small part of each sale will go towards helping others make their lives better, one T-shirt at a time. 

Lawless is not just another clothing brand. It’s an expression of what we want the world to be. It’s a way to bring to light problems that should not be happening in our society. It’s our way to rebel against what is not fair, what should not be and what keeps mankind belated from a future where everyone is equal. A Future where there is no suffering, horror or pain. A future were we want to live and want to make it happen, bringing awesome designs to you and helping others at the same time.

Welcome to our movement, Welcome to Lawless.



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