If you pay attention to what we have been doing for the past four years, we
believe you'll have begun to understand who we are as a company - A clothing
brand that brings awareness through art and fashion, committed to leaving this
world a better place than we found it. As artists, we create designs that tell
stories with a deeper meaning behind them, and through fashion, we showcase a variety of products that will not only make look great, but also support
sustainable, slow fashion and fair trade. If you dig Lawless, then read on to
learn more about who we are - both as company and as individuals.
We believe in humanity. No matter where you're from, the color of
your skin, or your religion, we can raise our voices as ONE in the ongoing
fight for JUSTICE. Our world is 4.5 billion years old, and throughout
history, we have seen our own evolution as humanity advances over time. As
a company, we value the era that we are living in now. No matter where you
are in the world, you can share information in seconds from one continent
to another. We have the power to share ideas and transmit what we believe
in. Together, let's commit ourselves to using our powers to stand up for
what is right.
We do our best to help our planet by reusing water, recycling,
repurposing the waste we create during production, and being conscious of
how we source our materials. We are far from perfect, and if someone
tells you that they operate a 100% sustainable “clothing brand”, it's
simply not true. Truthfully, our industry is one of the most unsustainable
in the world, but we strive to always do better where we can
We create art and fashion with a purpose - starting with our designs
bringing light to controversies such as environmental issues, war, racism,
hunger, human empowerment, and much more. Then you have our gallery of
trippy designs that create a perspective of movement, representing how
humanity is constantly moving to adapt and surpass every situation life
throws at us. Lastly, you will find our collection which embodies our
cosmos using fashion as a platform.
If you have any Lawless clothing, you already know that the quality of
our products is one of the best you've ever known. Sorry, but It's hard to
be humble when our clothes are unique and made of 100% soft, comfy,
indestructible cotton that will never shrink.
Core Value 6:
We are in the process of creating 'The Lawless Foundation', where
we can support nonprofit organizations that help and support people in
need. We also support The Water Project and The ISRUA, consistently
donating a percentage of our sales.

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