Spray-on Fashion

Spray-on Fashion

Fashion catwalks have always been a stage for performance where the artist; In this case the designer, fluidly and progressively presents a concept represented in garments, colors, textures and shapes on the human body. This concept can be fueled by different factors such as the case of Coperni, a French firm that has just presented its most recent collection at Paris Fashion Week 2022 and whose closure could be defined in two words: Future and sustainability.

It is the moment of closing and the international model Bella Hadid comes out semi-naked covering her chest on stage and Winking at Alexander McQueen Manel Torres, the spanish behind the “Spray-on” invention, and his assistant start spraying the body of the model who moves her arms in a poetic way while the liquid adheres to her skin. and in a quick drying it turns into fabric while the spectators are astonished. 

Quickly, a sewing assistant lowers the straps, with scissors she makes an opening on the lateral side of the dress and voilà, one of the most revolutionary technologies in terms of sustainability is presented before the eyes of humanity and the fashion industry. As if it were an episode of "Futurama" or "Back to the future", a white dress that is also washable and reusable fits over Bella Hadid.

What is Spray-on?

"The technology consists of short fibers joined together with polymers and biopolymers, plus some ecological solvents that make up a fabric in a liquid state, which evaporates when the spray hits a surface." In addition, the spokespersons for Fabrican, the company in charge of developing the product, explain that the resulting fabric may change depending on the fibers of the liquid, in this way "synthetic and natural" fabrics can be created, such as cotton, linen, polyester or nylon, as well as recycled”.

Apparently this technology will not only have uses in the fashion industry but also in the field of medicine since according to the Spanish it can also be developed in the application of bandages on burns or soft plasters instantly. 

Undoubtedly, one of the most important advances of this invention is that garments can be washed and reused, returning them to their liquid state without counting on the multiple applications and techniques that open the doors to a universe yet to be discovered. 

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