Loxodonta Women's Tee

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Keystone species play an important role in the biodiversity of the ecosystem in which they live in. Elephants are classified as such. With each step they take, they reshape the floor; when they use their tusk to dig for water, they provide other animals around them with an opportunity to drink; and as they eat and migrate, they allow for new vegetation to flourish. However, one elephant is killed every 15 minutes. Poachers care not about their inherent value and importance, but about the money that can be made by selling the elephants tusks in the black market. We bring this issue to light highlighting the elephant crossed by a bullet, slowly erasing him from this world. Help us raise the voice before its too late!

Product Details

  • Fabric: 100% Organic Pima Cotton
  • Pre-Washed
  • Made in Peru - Fair Trade
  • Scoop
  • Plain Back

From the sale of this shirt we are donating $1 USD to The Water Project and Islamic Relief USA to aid communities without access to clean water in Africa and orphan kids in Syria. Because together we can help!

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