About us

When you think about it, many artists from the past envisioned the future full of flying cars, beautiful self-sustainable cities and amazing inventions that could make our lives easier, but above all they dreamt about a future where there would be no war; a world full of light and happiness. That’s the future we want.

We’re in the XXI century and the world we live in is not even close to what we envisioned. There is war, hunger, racism, and many other social injustices that keep mankind divided and further away from reaching a state of unity.

Lawless is not just a clothing brand; it’s an expression of the world we deserve. It’s a way to bring to light problems that should not be happening in society. It’s our way to rebel against what keeps mankind belated from the future we once dreamt.

We went beyond designing and printing wearable art, that’s why we’re raising awareness about what’s wrong in the world and donating profits from each sale to relief funds and charity organizations; creating positive impact in someone’s life. Whether is an orphan kid in Syria or a family without access to clean water, we stand up for what is right.

We also want each and every design we create to express what we appreciate in the world be it art, nature or values like women empowerment, respect and equality. We believe in braking stereotypes and the barriers imposed to us by politics, religion and gender. We embrace everyone to be themselves, to be authentic and to be unique; because we’re all Born To Be Free.