About Lawless
About Us

Behind the unapologetic and rebellious vibe of Lawless Apparel are two souls working tirelessly to share a message: that something badass can also be a space of freedom, expression and social consciousness.

At Lawless we do this daily. We turn our art and our fashion into a symbol of respect, equality and community, while maintaining that rebellious touch that our clients have come to love.

We believe in our causes. We believe in Lawless. We believe in humanity. 

Team Lawless

Peter Roa

 I believe in humanity. I believe in our potential to do better. I believe in the momentum we are living. I believe that people can learn from experience, and I believe that wherever life puts me I will always do my best to impact others positively. 

No fancy degree, no well-known name, no recognition. We are in constant movement. And the universe has put us at the right place in the right time to do the best we can to make this world a better place. No matter your profession, no matter your culture, no matter your race. 

Since then I’ve taken full advantage of my experience, and that is how Lawless was born. For me, Lawless is the story of my life.  

Welcome to my world, welcome to Lawless.

Anthony Agostini

I have a dream. I dream of utopias of social structure, where  people are worth what they contribute. We all have something to give. We have the gift of reasoning and creation which turn us into a species of infinite capacity, and in our evolutionary progress we still got much to learn.  

Lawless has turned into a canvas where we paint the voices of those who are silent—or are silenced—and we strive to dignify their experience with artistic expressions that enhance our true human qualities: respect, liberty and love. I come from a place full of restrictions, deficiencies, and injustice.

That is why my mission has become to inspire those who don’t dare to dream, those covered by darkness, those who deserve to shine and be recognized.

This is for all who deserve to be free.


All our shirts are hand-made in Peru using 100% organic cotton.

We are committed to our standard of being in the slow fashion industry. We are gains mas products that is why we produce as we grow. 

Fairtrade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, advocates, and organizations putting people and the planet first. 

Goods is a choice to support responsible companies, empower farmers, workers and protect the environment. 

Social Impact

We support non-profit organizations. For every sale that we make, we donate 10% of our profits.

Our goal is as we grow, we will be adding more organizations to support. This way, we will create the Lawless Foundation, which will help support those who need it the most. 

Organization’s lineup: 

• The Water Project. 

• The Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA)

We care for our clients. If you have any question, request or comment, let us know below!

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