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The Hijab or the woman?

It is a human thing that revolutions are generated by unjust deaths, irreparable losses and heartbreaking stories. This of course would not be the exception for the people of Iran and their women. 

On September 16, Mahsa Amini was arrested by the morality police in Tehran as she was not wearing her Hijab in an indicated manner, for those who do not know, the use of Hijab is mandatory since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979; The 22-year-old Mahsa was then taken to a re-education center to receive advice on her clothing where, according to her family, she was beaten to death although the authorities argue a heart attack and a coma as the official cause of her death.

In this whole story I don't know what seems more impossible to me, somehow it seems like magical realism to tell this kind of tragedies; there is no other way to explain that this whole event was first caused by an arrest caused by the misuse of a veil, secondly that there is a morality police and lastly that this hatred, repression and possession of the woman's body continue presenting in the XXI century. 

It is not about prohibiting the use of the Hijab as is happening in France, nor is it that its use is mandatory, this discussion goes much further than a simple accessory and is why does society continue to believe that it has the last word on the body and freedom of women? Have we not learned anything about equality and human rights in the last century? Why is the female body still seen in a sexualized and forbidden way? 

It seems that Islamic men are beginning to ask themselves the same questions, since these protests have not only awakened the indignity of women but also of men who demand a more just and equitable state, which represents a historic moment for national politics and culture. 

We send the necessary strength and courage to all feminists and women activists in the country of Iran, who manage to recover the power of their bodies and the right to decide over them, we want to tell them that we admire them and that we are with them in their fight because we also believe in equality as the future of humanity. 

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