Lawless Apparel is a brand that brings awareness through art and fashion. Founded in 2010 by Pedro and Anthony. This all started as an idea, a dream. A dream to draw attention to sensitive issues through fashion and designs.

We tell stories with our creations, and, through fashion, we showcase a variety of products that will not only make us look great, but also support sustainable, and slow fashion.


  • Eco-Friendly

     All our shirts are hand-made in Peru using 100% organic cotton.

Why organic clothing matters is because there is a huge difference in the way your body functions when you wear synthetic clothing and when you wear organic clothing.” -Sadhguru

  • Conscious Fashion

Our designs full of symbolisms carry a powerful message that is expressed through fashionable and high-quality clothing. 

  • Slow Fashion

We are committed to slow fashion as a sustainable way of business in the clothing industry. 

  • Awareness: 

Our causes will always be the causes of the people. Our clothing strives to draw awareness to important issues in our society. 

  • Unapologetic:

Lawless is all about rebellion and union. We talk about racism, sexism, politics, economics, the elites, history, and more. 

  • Quality:

The Lawless Apparel standards will always be quality over quantity in all our collections.


As artists, we strive for creations that fully embrace our values, and use resourcefulness to raise awareness about important issues. Beautifully combining comfort, protest, elegance, and fashion with every piece.